Frequently Asked Questions

The Redpath Centre addresses the social and emotional needs of children, adolescents and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders, mental health concerns and other neurodevelopmental conditions such as ADD and LD. Our assessments and services support those living with neurodevelopmental conditions their family members, and professionals who may be involved with them. The Centre offers an inter-disciplinary approach, and strives to incorporate recent research into practice.
Please refer to the “Therapist & Coaches” “Psychologists” or “Clinical Affiliates” tabs on our website explore the Clinician you are most interested in contacting. Individual email addresses and telephone numbers are available under this feature and on our “Contact us” page.
Many clinicians work part-time at The Redpath Centre. However, we endeavor to reply to your phone or email requests as soon as possible. Please note that our clinicians do not provide crisis services.
No. If you are interested in receiving services, you are welcome to contact The Centre directly. With your written consent, we may request information from other service providers that are involved or have been involved with you.
Hourly sessions range in price from $100 to $200 per hour. Your fee will be discussed with you prior to your initial session and you will be advised in advance if any changes are made to the fee.
The Redpath Centre offers various workshops and in-services related to ASDs and related issues, usually by request of another agency. Specific requests can be made by contacting associates directly.

The only catchment area for the Toronto office is for Adult Psychological Assessments which are restricted to clients living in Toronto, York, Peel and Durham regions.

The Redpath Centre is located at 40 Holly Street, Suite 201. We are a five minute walk from the Eglington subway station (south entrance). We are open during regular business hours; however, our schedule is flexible to accommodate you. Most clinicians work at the Centre on a part-time basis, therefore their hours are sometimes restricted to evenings or weekends.
Services are available to individuals across Ontario and to all provinces if clients are willing to come to our Centre in Toronto or the offices of our Clinical Affiliates throughout Ontario.
The Redpath Centre is committed to providing clients with services in a timely manner; however, clinicians will occasionally not be accepting new clients due to their current caseload. Regular updates on our associate’s availability are listed on our website under the name of each associate.
Some extended health benefit plans may cover some of the financial costs associated services at the Centre. Unfortunately, OHIP does not cover any of the services provided by The Redpath Centre. Please consult your extended health care provider or plan booklet to obtain specific details on what kind of services or type of professionals are covered.
Some individuals who are receiving services from us do not have a diagnosis of autism, but may have a diagnosis that falls within the expertise of our clinicians such as mental health problems, ADD, learning disabilities, or addictions. Although our specialization is ASD, we welcome clients who do not have this diagnosis. If we feel that there is another service provider that is more suitable, we will provide referrals.