Welcome to the Redpath Centre

Our History

Late in 2007, a small group of concerned clinicians gathered to discuss the lack of available services and supports for youth and adults with Asperger Syndrome in Ontario. In response to this need, we opened The Redpath Centre in January 2008 at shared office space with The Asperger Society of Ontario at the corner of Eglinton and Redpath Avenue in mid-town Toronto. Since then we have:

We believe that people should not have to transition to another care provider when they turn 18, and our clients range in age from 2 to 82.

Our Approach

Lifespan care and leading edge diagnostics, supports, and therapies are hallmarks of our approach. We have developed an approach that is unique in Canada, based on our clinical experience and the best evidence available. Our organizational values include:

Where We Are Now

In 2022, we served over 1400 individuals and their families in Ontario and British Columbia. We will continue to expand our services and reach with the launch of The Redpath Foundation, new workshops, as well as e-counselling and coaching. We welcome partnerships and feedback about our services as we grow as an organization and continue to provide leadership in meeting the mental health needs of our neurodiverse community. 

I am confident you will find caring and knowledgeable clinicians here.

Kevin Stoddart, PhD
Founding Director

Dr. Kevin Stoddart

Frequently Asked Questions

Please refer to the “Therapist & Coaches” “Psychologists” or “Clinical Affiliates” tabs on our website explore the Clinician you are most interested in contacting. Individual email addresses and telephone numbers are available under this feature and on our “Contact us” page.

Many clinicians work part-time at The Redpath Centre. However, we endeavor to reply to your phone or email requests as soon as possible. Please note that our clinicians do not provide crisis services.

No. If you are interested in receiving services, you are welcome to contact The Centre directly. With your written consent, we may request information from other service providers that are involved or have been involved with you.

The Redpath Centre addresses the social and emotional needs of children, adolescents and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders, mental health concerns and other neurodevelopmental conditions such as ADD and LD. Our assessments and services support those living with neurodevelopmental conditions their family members, and professionals who may be involved with them. The Centre offers an inter-disciplinary approach, and strives to incorporate recent research into practice.