Coaching, Counselling and Psychotherapy

About Our Counselling & Coaching Services

While we specialize in research, diagnosis and counselling for ASD and other neuro-developmental conditions, The Redpath Centre also offers counselling and coaching services for individuals, couples and families. Our counselling and coaching services are offered to people of all ages, including kids under 6 years of age.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Redpath Centre utilizes an inter-disciplinary and collaborative approach to ensure the most appropriate services for each person. Our clinical associates draw from a variety of theoretical frameworks and best practice evidence based on the problems or issues that clients raise at appointments.
The frequency and total number of appointments varies based on the goals and action plans determined by the clinician and client. These concerns are usually discussed within the first session and are flexible as goals are revisited.
The Redpath Centre respects individual’s rights to privacy and confidentiality. Information shared with your therapist will not be used for additional purposes without your written consent. Some circumstances such as risk of harm to yourself or someone else, and risk of abuse or harm to a child are exceptions to the above policy. The Redpath Centre is proud to operate in accordance with the Code of Ethics of the provincial regulatory colleges governing our professions.
A formal diagnosis is not required in order to receive services. However, it may be helpful to receive a formal psychological assessment in the future in order to inform the therapeutic work we are engaged in together.